Amie & Mark Haselton~bun in the oven

I had such a great time photographing Amie & Mark today at the Huntington Beach pier, even though it was a chilly 61 degrees~they were both troopers for grinning and bearing the cold! =)

The funny thing about Amie & Mark is that when she contacted me to shoot their maternity session, we began to find out the many similarities we had~and for the record let me just say there were A LOT!  First off, we knew each other from high school, Loara to be exact.  She was the class ahead of me, and although we didn't necessarily run in the same circle, we knew the same people.  As Amie and I were exchanging emails back and forth she had mentioned that she thought she had a prom picture of her, Mark, me, and my husband Roland with a bunch of our mutual friends.   I had totally forgotten that we all went together to prom that year, and when I saw the picture it brought back a ton of fond memories. =)

If you haven't caught on by now, Amie married her high school sweetheart~just like I did!  Not only that but Amie & Mark have been together as long as my husband and I (13 years) and married the same amount of years (4)!  And...well as we've both settled into married life, now comes the babies, as her and I are both expecting this year too!  Yes, now you see, so many similarities...its just mind boggling!

Amie is due July 21st with a baby boy, and while his name is under wraps for now~I must say it is quite adorable and I just love it!  Little baby Haselton will be the first grandchild on both sides of their families and I'm sure he'll be well loved and spoiled, as it should be for a first grandchild!  ;)

Thank you Amie & Mark for trusting me to document this exciting time in your lives as you both embark on parenthood!  I know you both will make excellent parents...only 9 more weeks to go! =)

I had so many favorites from today...enjoy!

You both are spectacular in this one!

Amie~you are beyond gorgeous in this photograph...

Seriously...again with the gorgeousness in the beautiful light!

I'm in love with this one, because of how Mark and Amie are looking at each other!

Oh...and can Amie's bump be any cuter?!