Our baby girl~Atalia Jewell Perez

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 forever changed my life and my heart in a way I'll never be able to fully explain and I know it had the same dramatic effect on my husband too.  We got to see our very active baby girl, Atalia Jewell.  This day was different than others because our baby actually looked like a baby!  We could see her rub her eye, scratch her chin, suck her thumb, roll around, and even move her foot near her head.  It's like she knew her mom and dad were going to be seeing her in all her glory and she wanted to show off her skills. =)  She did not disappoint...not that she could...and it just made us fall even more in love with her than the day we found out we were expecting her!

I'm finally at the stage in my 2nd trimester (20 weeks) where I can feel her move inside of me and it is so amazing and weird at the same time!  When I think of what's going on in my body, I am simply in awe.  It is so incredible how the Lord gave me the ability to bear and eventually birth this child, a child that was simply created from my egg and my husband's sperm into a human being.  I think about everything we saw in the ultrasound, from her brain, skull, ribs, spine, fingers, hands, toes, feet, and heart and it just takes both of our breaths away that we created this life!

Baby girl, you have no idea how much your mom and dad love you~not to mention all your extended family!  I know you will be spoiled beyond belief, and to an extent that's okay, as long as you don't expect it your whole life.

You will be raised to respect your mom and dad and any future siblings you may have.  It is also important that we teach you to have a strong faith in God, a mutual respect for everyone in this world, and a good head on your shoulders!  Your dad and I promise to love you unconditionally and support you in all your decisions and goals.  We just ask that you be athletic like your mom and dad! =)  We have already decided you're going to be a star swimmer and water polo player...and well that's non-negotiable! j/k =)  Well maybe just a little, but no seriously we will never push you, we just ask that you try things in life at least once before saying you don't like something...never settling and never putting limits on your abilities.

Atalia, September 19, 2010 cannot come soon enough!  =)  We already love you so much and are beyond excited to meet you, hold you, cuddle you, and kiss you!


The Wentworth's + 1

I've known Sherri Lynn (aka SLW) for 5 years and through those 5 years she's been not only a former co-worker and family interpreter, but a dear friend.  We met when my husband graduated USC, as she was assigned to be Ro's parents sign language interpreter.  Then 2 months later, I got a job at a Deaf non-profit organization in Sacramento.  While training, I saw SLW walk into the office, and quickly found out she was one of their full time interpreters on staff...and well the rest is history.

As long as I've known SLW, she's loved children.  She's amazing with them and especially with her own nieces and nephews.  The road has been more than bumpy for her and her husband, Lewis to conceive a child of their own.  I remember several conversations with her discussing adopting whether it was here in the states or from another country.  There were many drawbacks, which I won't get into, because that would be a post in and of itself, but lets just say it made it difficult, which lead SLW and her husband to think about potentially fostering a child.

Then one fateful day in the fall of 2009, it happened...all on its own!  SLW was pregnant!!!! I remember when I found out I actually started crying (which I don't think I ever mentioned to her).  You see, more than anything I always knew SLW wanted a child of her own and well as the years progressed it seemed that it maybe wasn't a possibility for her and Lewis.  It's so true what they say, when you stop trying, it just happens...case in point baby Wentworth will be born June 25, 2010!

I cannot wait for baby Wentworth!  I'm more than jazzed about this baby boy entering this world, and even more jazzed that SLW and Lewis are going to be parents!  Thank you for letting me document this special time in your lives!  I love you both =)