The Evolution of Baby Almira

The development of any baby in a mothers womb is beyond amazing.  For me, it is such an absolute joy to document the weeks leading up to baby Almira's arrival.  This baby is going to be so well loved and cared for, and I know without a doubt Kristie is going to make an excellent mother! 

Here is the evolution of baby Almira & the bump.


week 14: baby Almira is the size of a lemon

week 16: baby Almira is the size of an avocado

week 18: baby Almira is the size of a bell pepper

week 19: baby Almira is the size of an heirloom tomato (we opted for a large peach instead)

*I'm a couple weeks behind in posting pics...more to follow! =)


A Family Affair~Hollebeke Wedding

Last Sunday, my mom was married to her sweetheart in Las Vegas.  It was a fantastic weekend full of fun, lots of laughter, and good times.  My mom, Anne & her new husband Paul, had friends and family come near and far to be apart of their special occasion.  The wedding was amazing and the newlyweds had a permanent smile on their faces the entire day, which could only mean one thing...they are completely & madly in love, and happy to finally be married!

love the cake topper~scuba divers...b/c they are!

before the "I do's"

my brother & mom walking down the aisle...mom is already crying...per usual ;)

Mr & Mrs. Hollebeke

first dance

a little fun w/ mom...my brother & I can never take a serious, good picture w/ our mom! =)

this picture doesn't do my brother & I any justice, but it proves my point 
that we like to rile our mom up by not taking good pictures with her.  its been that way since childhood, no sense in stopping now ;) love you mom!

my sister-in-law, Faith & I having some fun

The fam: Roland, me, Faith, Ryan

dance floor action...get down


The Bitler Family

My good friends, Don & Chris Bitler are beyond amazing and inspirational. Not just because they are absolutely in love with each other and their kids, or because they are people who are truly grateful for everything they have.  The real reason they amaze and inspire me and the rest of our friends is because they are proud and loving parents to 4 children, all within 4 years and a few months.  Yes, to me that is beyond words...because lets be honest it takes a great mom...and dad, to have patience, energy, and well lets be honest more patience!

Their children, Emma, Jackson, Noah, and Max are beyond adorable and pretty much inseparable...which is a blessing. You can tell they really rely on each other not just as siblings, but also as friends.  Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen any of their kids fight.  However, I was told prior to our photo session, a fight had ensued in their house between Superman and Spiderman because Spiderman wanted to wear Superman's cape.   :)  Oh to be a kid again!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day...more to come!

Thank you Don & Chris for a fun day & delicious dinner! =) xoxo


Kristie & Baby Almira

My good friend Kristie, decided that she wanted to do a photo session each week of her pregnancy to show the growth of her baby inside of her belly.  A website she receives weekly updates from, informs her of the approximate size of the baby and compares it to a type of fruit or vegetable.  More importantly it lets her know what parts of the baby are developing. 

This week Kristie is 19 weeks.  The website compares the baby to an heirloom tomato, however a peach seemed to be more appealing for the photos.  I decided to play around with the fact that the peach is basically symbolizing Kristie's baby.  

I love everything about the picture below, because although the peach really isn't her "baby" or "child", it shows the relationship they (Kristie & Baby Almira) will one day have...enjoying each others company and playing on the playground at the park.