The Bigani Family

The Bigani's have been our dear friends for a few years now and since day one we've both considered ourselves family to each other.  Rich, Jessica, Kaila, and Charlie are the most loving, fun, welcoming, and funny bunch around.  We love spending time with them whether its for a few minutes or a whole day, we're sure to have lots of laughs! =)

A couple weeks ago, Jess asked me to do a photo shoot of not just their family, but also of Rich's family as well.  Since they didn't have any recent photos of the whole family, she thought it was time to get the entire family together and take some formal and candid pictures.  Everyone was so happy to get together and it was so refreshing to see the genuine love-not just between the parents and their children, but also between the grandparents and their grandchildren. 

Here's some of my favorites from our time together...enjoy!

The oh so gorgeous Bigani Family!

Kaila & Charlie you both are so beautiful!

loving the love captured in this image
The entire Bigani fam
proud papa with his sons
one of my favorites from the day!

Papa and all his girls
aren't his grandchildren Eric & Ethan adorable?!
another one of my favorites from the day

beautiful right? i think so!
this one makes me happy too


Gabriela & Alex Munoz ~ baby bump 08.08.10

I had such an amazing time photographing Gaby, her baby bump and her husband Alex this past Sunday!  I must admit I was a little worried if I could hang the whole time since I am just 5 weeks away from my due date, but my endorphins kicked in and I was golden! =)

Gaby is due September 17th, a day after me!  Our husbands were joking that after all the walking we did at the park we both could have gone into labor that night!  Thankfully that wasn't the case!  Her and her husband were such a pleasure to work with and trusted me completely, which always makes my day!

I'm so excited for this couple, I can tell they are going to be awesome parents!  I think Alex is probably a little more excited because he's going to have a son and thus can share in his love of baseball and more importantly the Dodgers!  =)  Although, I can foresee baby Alex Daniel being a mama's boy, not in a bad way by any means...its just that Gaby is just so sweet and nurturing.

Enjoy my favorites from our shoot!

The light was amazing!
just one of several of my favs with the gorgeous Gaby!  there's a sense of peace & calmness about this image
the image above is buttery goodness!

again with the gorgeous back light!

I must admit this image was an oops...but I'm in LOVE with everything about it!


Desiree Cardona~the bump that is April

It was important to Desiree to have some baby bump photographs of her and her baby girl April, so we did a quick session the other night and I loved the way these came out!  Enjoy...

my absolute favorite one, Des you are glowing in this image!
the queen Des and her princess April


The Cardona's~the bump

You may remember Eric and Desiree from last year, as I documented their 1 year wedding anniversary.  Now they are moving onto the next chapter of their journey as a married couple, having a baby.  They decided last year that having a baby was next on their to-do list after celebrating their first year as a married couple and as luck would have it on their first try...boom they got pregnant...well with a little help from our dear friends the Bigani's...I think it was the lemon martini's that made them a little loosy goosy! ;)

Eric and Desi are beyond excited for their baby girl, April Nalani Cardona to be born in just under 2 months.  If all goes as planned (which isn't always the case with due dates) she'll be born August 17th.  I know that Desiree would love April to come early, but we all know babies have a mind of their own and would rather stay comfy and cozy in their mothers womb!

Last Sunday, we headed to the Heritage Museum for their baby bump photo session...enjoy!

doesn't Desiree look radiant in the summer sun?!

i love the sense of calmness in the photo

go ahead with your bad self Eric...GQ style!


The Almira Family

Kristie and Carlos are our amazing friends who recently added a new member to their family in March, Elias Luke.  This little boy has stolen not only their hearts, but the hearts of all of their family and friends too.  He is such an incredible little guy, so tenderhearted, sweet, carefree, smiley, and overall just a great baby!  Kris & C lucked out with such an amazing little blessing to their lives!  The wait they endured to have this little bundle of joy was well worth it and it was all in God's perfect timing...funny how he always knows best. =)

I cannot wait for Elias to meet his friend Atalia in just a few short months!  Kris and I constantly talk about how cool it will be when they meet and when their old enough to play together.  I'm sure they'll be great friends just like their parents are.

Last Saturday, we headed out to The Lab & The Camp in Costa Mesa for their family photo session and they were all troopers, especially little Elias!  Here are many of my favorites from the day...

Those eyes!

                                        love this one...just because                                         Carlos & his Blue Steel look
Kris you are gorgeous!
one of my absolute favs
this one cracked all of us up...Elias woke up from his nap and somehow he began unconsciously flipping me and my camera off...PRICELESS! =)

nothing like a mothers love...beyond sweet how they are looking at each other
another one of my absolute favorites...I love the feel of this photo
can the Almira family be any more adorable? seriously...
when I saw what this last step said...I had to get Elias asleep to take the shot...even if the lighting was harsh...its beyond amazing to me!