Gabriela & Alex Munoz ~ baby bump 08.08.10

I had such an amazing time photographing Gaby, her baby bump and her husband Alex this past Sunday!  I must admit I was a little worried if I could hang the whole time since I am just 5 weeks away from my due date, but my endorphins kicked in and I was golden! =)

Gaby is due September 17th, a day after me!  Our husbands were joking that after all the walking we did at the park we both could have gone into labor that night!  Thankfully that wasn't the case!  Her and her husband were such a pleasure to work with and trusted me completely, which always makes my day!

I'm so excited for this couple, I can tell they are going to be awesome parents!  I think Alex is probably a little more excited because he's going to have a son and thus can share in his love of baseball and more importantly the Dodgers!  =)  Although, I can foresee baby Alex Daniel being a mama's boy, not in a bad way by any means...its just that Gaby is just so sweet and nurturing.

Enjoy my favorites from our shoot!

The light was amazing!
just one of several of my favs with the gorgeous Gaby!  there's a sense of peace & calmness about this image
the image above is buttery goodness!

again with the gorgeous back light!

I must admit this image was an oops...but I'm in LOVE with everything about it!