About Me

I love photographing babies, children, couples and families in the moment, because it captures a rawness that is immeasurable and lovely.  My approach to photographing my clients is more of a candid style with a bit of structure.  I like to be able to capture my clients being in the moment during their session, but I also feel that posing them can be lovely too-when done right.  The most important thing is for my clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera, but above all else to have fun!

Things I'm in LOVE with...
- My husband.
- My daughter.
- GOD.
- Interior design.
- Rearranging the furniture in all rooms of my house. (it's a little OCD)
- Babies.
- Pedicures.
- Massages.
- Facials.
- Dancing, especially with my daughter!
- Shopping.
- Going to antique shops.
- My family.
- My friends.
- DIY crafts.
- Coffee Bean.  I prefer it to any other coffee shop, especially Starbucks!
- Peonies.
- Autumn.  Cool, crisp weather + Thanksgiving = best time of the year!