The Almira's - part 3

Finally, here are the remaining pictures that just make my heart skip a beat. :)  Kristie and Carlos you are just beyond amazing in so many ways - thanks again for allowing me to capture your genuine love for each other!  


The Almira's - part 2

So here we go with part deux of my wonderful friends!  I love love these shots because I got to play with the gorgeous light coming through the trees.  :)  

Who knew weeds could be so beautiful!

The light in this picture warms my heart! :)

One of my favs...Carlos and his GQ pose :)

Another fav!  I love how Carlos is looking at Kristie! You can tell he adores her :)


The Almira's - part 1

Our amazing friends Kristie and Carlos allowed me the opportunity to do a photo session with them Sunday afternoon.  Since I took so many pictures-this will be part one of three posts.

First off thank you for being such troopers in the scorching heat!  As always you were both a ton of fun!  I had a blast and I know Ro did too...since he was my clown to make you laugh :)

There is just something so stunning about this picture-I love it! :)

I love you both so much!


Happy Father's Day

My dad is probably one of the coolest guys I know. Since it's Father's Day, I thought I would share why he's a pretty darn good Dad!

  • He loves the Lord.
  • He is the most generous and caring person I know.
  • He has a strong work ethic.
  • He taught me the value of strong morals and to never compromise.
  • Although my dad was extremely strict with my brother and I, it truly molded us into the people we are today.
  • He is the ultimate handyman-he can pretty much fix anything, anywhere!
  • He always has a smile on his face.
  • He likes to make everyone laugh.
  • He is one of my biggest supporters.
  • He is amazing with kids...not with animals-especially dogs ;)

  • He would do anything for my brother and I and our spouses.

  • He makes the best darn tri-tip and baby back ribs hands down! ;)

  • He has amazing skills and knowledge about sailing! Trust me you want him to be your Captain ;)

*Disclaimer-not all pictures from this post were taken with my 50D camera-but I'm sure you can tell by the quality :)



Everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant lately-except me!  By no means am I stating that my husband and I are trying for one.  Although he would very much like a baby literally right now, I on the other hand think it's appropriate to wait at least another year.  So, for now we will both be content just sharing those precious bundles of joy with our family and friends.

At my cousin's wife's baby shower I decided to shoot the most recent addition to the family, Otto. Otto is 10 months old and my cousin Danielle's son.  I cannot even begin to explain how freakin adorable this little guy is!  He is probably one of the happiest babies on this planet-no joke!  He is always smiling :)


Kaila's Birthday Party

Yesterday was Kaila's Hawaiian themed birthday party.  Not only was the party a ton of fun because my fabulous friends were there, but I got to play around with my camera as well!

Desiree, Jessica, Ira, Rich, me, and Eric

Charlie Bigani...I love this pic!

Jess & I

Isn't this cake amazing?! 

 The birthday girl-Kaila & me


Who I am...

In an effort for everyone to get to know who I am, and what I'm about...I thought I should introduce myself.

I am an aspiring photograher.  My passion lies within lifestyle photography and sports photography.  I love taking pictures of real things during real moments-it always tells a true and beautiful story.  

My inspiration to become a photographer comes from my Oma. Documenting all of life's moments stem from my Oma instilling in me the uniqueness of telling stories through photographs.

I realize its never too early or too late to follow your dreams.  Therefore, I am seizing my moment now and starting my pursuit of happiness.