The Almira Family

Kristie and Carlos are our amazing friends who recently added a new member to their family in March, Elias Luke.  This little boy has stolen not only their hearts, but the hearts of all of their family and friends too.  He is such an incredible little guy, so tenderhearted, sweet, carefree, smiley, and overall just a great baby!  Kris & C lucked out with such an amazing little blessing to their lives!  The wait they endured to have this little bundle of joy was well worth it and it was all in God's perfect timing...funny how he always knows best. =)

I cannot wait for Elias to meet his friend Atalia in just a few short months!  Kris and I constantly talk about how cool it will be when they meet and when their old enough to play together.  I'm sure they'll be great friends just like their parents are.

Last Saturday, we headed out to The Lab & The Camp in Costa Mesa for their family photo session and they were all troopers, especially little Elias!  Here are many of my favorites from the day...

Those eyes!

                                        love this one...just because                                         Carlos & his Blue Steel look
Kris you are gorgeous!
one of my absolute favs
this one cracked all of us up...Elias woke up from his nap and somehow he began unconsciously flipping me and my camera off...PRICELESS! =)

nothing like a mothers love...beyond sweet how they are looking at each other
another one of my absolute favorites...I love the feel of this photo
can the Almira family be any more adorable? seriously...
when I saw what this last step said...I had to get Elias asleep to take the shot...even if the lighting was harsh...its beyond amazing to me!

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I still had Carlos first!!! Ha Ha Ha