Kristie & Baby Almira

My good friend Kristie, decided that she wanted to do a photo session each week of her pregnancy to show the growth of her baby inside of her belly.  A website she receives weekly updates from, informs her of the approximate size of the baby and compares it to a type of fruit or vegetable.  More importantly it lets her know what parts of the baby are developing. 

This week Kristie is 19 weeks.  The website compares the baby to an heirloom tomato, however a peach seemed to be more appealing for the photos.  I decided to play around with the fact that the peach is basically symbolizing Kristie's baby.  

I love everything about the picture below, because although the peach really isn't her "baby" or "child", it shows the relationship they (Kristie & Baby Almira) will one day have...enjoying each others company and playing on the playground at the park.

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