Eric & Desiree Cardona

Together a total of 13 years and on September 27th they will celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary. When you meet the Cardona's, they are warm and inviting. Eric is soft spoken, has an amazing sense of style, as well as humor. Desiree is warm, charismatic, and has an infectious laugh. Together the Cardona's share, and outwardly display a zest for life, laughter, love and dedication for one another. If I had to sum up what Eric and Desiree are as a couple, I believe I could speak on behalf of their family and friends and proudly state, "The Cardona's are all heart!"

When discussing their photo session, it was important for Desiree and Eric to have their beach cruisers. As Desiree explained, "They were the first items we bought as a married couple".

The beach cruisers are in a way a unique symbol of their love and life as a married couple, because anytime they are riding them they are creating memories. Therefore, the crusiers became a significant part of their photo session to honor their first year of marriage as Mr. & Mrs. Cardona.

Thank you both for an amazing day! Desi & Eric, I love you to pieces and I am so grateful for our friendship!

Happy Wedding Anniversary...and to many more! =)


Pilar Alexandria said...

AW this is so cute! love you Des and Eric!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! One year already, time flies!! I love you both, thanks for sharing. -Isabel Perez

Manny said...

Just wanted to say congrats I know its a few months late but it ok.
Congratulations again - Manny Ford