Perez Pit Party

Ok...so I know my blogging has been lacking, or shall I say non-existent for the past month and a half. But in the words of Grandma Leen, "That is neither here nor there!"

Two weeks ago, The Perez's both immediate and extended family got together for a Pit Party. This was a 2 day event and so worth the wait! I say worth the wait because when I first started dating my now husband, the Perez family had been talking up this Pit Party at each family event...12 years in the making! The last Pit Party they held was in 1994, so it was definitely overdue.

The first day (actually started at night), was spent with some of the family hanging out around the pit, which was fired up at 9:30pm. Uncle Richard, Uncle Sam, Darren, Bill, and Richie were the men in charge of building up the fire in the pit. They manned the fire literally all night and then at around 5am, my husband joined them along with his dad to put the goods in the pit.

Finally at 2:30pm on the second day, the dirt was shoveled off the pit and the top opened. Now let me just say a few things...the ground surounding the pit was crazy hot! Also, the aroma once the top was lifted...out of this world! Ok so back to the pit, the tradition in the family is that all the men in the family shovel off some of the dirt on the pit and then each male helps take out the meat. This was so neat to see and honestly was probably my favorite memory of the whole experience. You see the men in our family just overjoyed at the sight and smell of all their hard work =)

Once all the meat was extracted and put in pots, Aunt Irene and my husband, along with some help from Aunt Elaine and Grandma Perez started to cut the meat. Well, let me just say that the meat cut itself so to speak because once it was taken out of the cloth it was wrapped in, it literally just fell off the bone or was already shredded to pieces! All this was due to the simple fact that the meat was cooked with LOVE from the whole family in a pit made by the family years ago.

Many thanks to the entire Perez family that put this shin dig together and made it a memorable event to us all! In honor of Bill's birthday and in loving memory of Grandpa Perez.

Uncle Richard getting the pit ready

The passing of the shovels from the men to the kids




Grandma Perez & Ralph Perez (Grandpa John's brother)

all the kids playing video games to keep cool

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