My munchkin aka nephew Austin

This little guy warms my heart every time I see him.  He's my first legit nephew and I love him to pieces!  This past weekend my sister-in-law hung out in San Clemente and had a blast.  Austin definitely made us laugh the entire day!

Some of my memorable moments of this weekend that he did were:

- While playing with Austin he happily says, "Auntie you funny!"
- After giving him a sip/try of my orange bang drink, he paused and said, "Yummy! More!"
- As I was coming out of the restaurant (with more orange bang for the little guy) he says, "I found you Auntie!"
- In his stroller he shouted, "I happy!" (for no reason at all, adorable? YES)
- Once Austin woke up from his nap, he walks over to the hallway, lies on his back with his legs up and says, "haha I funny!"

Here are a few of my favorites I took of Austin for his Christmas present to his Great Grandmas...

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