A person, a friend

In life we come in contact with so many different kinds of people both good, indifferent, and bad.  It's up to us to make decisions on whether or not each person is worth pursuing more as a friend or keeping them a simple acquaintance.  However, you just know when that person is going to be a friend for life.

Case in point, my dear friend Heather.  We met at work and from the moment we met we hit it off.  Heather and I were an amazing team and we were able to accomplish so much together.  Honestly, it was our strong bond and incredible work ethic that got us so far-we were literally unstoppable!

We've only known each other about a year and half, however I feel like we've known each other a lifetime.  In so many ways we've already been through thick and thin together, enjoying the good times and helping each other through the bad.  No matter how much we struggle in life, there will always be jokes and laughter among us...as well as Heather's snorting and infectious laugh that makes my cheeks hurt!  :)

All joking aside, Heather is tenacious, kind, selfless, caring, a devoted mother and friend, and has an unbelievable spirit.  From time to time I don't think she realizes this about herself.  That she is all the things I stated and more! :)  Beyond the beauty she has on the outside, the beauty inside of her, in her heart, makes her so unique and remarkable.  

Please don't ever forget this about yourself, because you have so much to offer and don't let anyone ever tell you differently.  Heather, you are so special and near and dear to my heart. I love you! mwah :)  

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Dleesaa said...

Absolutley Heather....remember YOU ARE amazing!!!!