D, Me, Jess, Kristy, & Desi
Since I've been away on vacation in Arizona, I've realized how much I miss my amazing girls.

No matter what happens in life, I know these girls will be there with me until the end.  They will always be ready to pick me up when life throws me curve balls, will constantly be there for a fun night out on the town, have my back whenever and wherever, but most importantly will make me laugh.  See the thing about these ladies, is that they all have quirky and delightful senses of humor that can make me laugh for hours on end.  We all feed off each others energy and humor and makes for quite an entertaining time.  ;)  Plus, you put a little alcohol in us all and we are a hot mess, in a good way of course!  Sure we can all be serious, but with the madness of life, it is always great to have friends you can laugh with to your hearts content.

I will always be the first to say that all my girl friends in my life, not just the ones mentioned above are the most quick-witted, inspiring, chic, and most trusting ladies ever. There is a reason they have chosen me to be their friend and I have chosen them to be mine.  

I can't wait to get back to California this week, so that we can all get together!  Ladies you definitely complete me!

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