Friends...and a taste of motherhood

This past week my husband I have been in Arizona with our good friends, the Tran family.  Ro and Tran have been friends since MOS school in the Marine Corps. and have been best buds ever since.  I've noticed this week they act more like an old married couple. :)  

Tran & Claudia have 3 adorable children, Ethan (4) and Ellie & Avery (20 months).  I love them to pieces the whole family, but especially their kids.  I love seeing them and hearing Ethan say, "Hi Auntie Natalie!  I love you Auntie Natalie" It just makes my day.  The girls have the most precious personalities and such amazing smiles it melts my heart.

Since we've been here, it has given me a sense of what motherhood will be like.  There will be good days and bad days, but the end result is that it is all worth it!  Below is an example of what I mean.  Overall today has been a good day with the kids. However, trying to get the girls to go down for a nap has been a feat in an of itself.  Claudia and I put them down at 12:30pm and they literally just fell asleep at 3pm.  No joke they've been playing, crying, laughing, even jumping on each other and getting stuck in their crib-I guess that is how babies fight going to sleep ;)

Ellie is on the left, Avery on the right.  Ellie climbed into Avery's bed and finally they are asleep! :)

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